Anonymous said: Hi. I've been wondering for awhile now.. Whats the font you use in your doodles? owo"

Digital Strip 2.

Anonymous said: That scam thing happened to me too. Someone calling themself Emmily Royans sold a doodle to me u did last year. I was all gushing in happiness until one of my friends pointed out your blog, lol. Made me feel dumb but now I can enjoy the real artsies!

Consider this though: alternate dimension bizarro me who is a super-villain called Emmily Royans come to this world to scam all the art fans and therefore destroy the art community. Don’t feel bad, friend! You just faced a real life super-villain from another dimension, and that most likely means that you’re a superhero and your amazing adventures are about to begin. Go forth with your super adventures and have fun. 

Anonymous said: How does one meet other artists on tumblr?

Step 1: Search for terms like art, doodle, drawing, painting, writing, comics, my-art, design, any term that sounds related to art, and check out the artists you like. Sometimes they’ll also have links to other artists they like on their blogs. There are also blogs that focus on showcasing artists like eatsleepdraw and artist-promotions.

Step 2: Once you’ve found an artist you want to talk to, send them a short message like “hi! I like your art. I also make art.” (or whatever you want to say). If they’re interested in talking, they’ll show interest. If not, they’ll most likely just say “hi, thank you” and you can go on with your day and try again with someone else. Accept that some people just won’t be interested. If you want to commission them, include “do you take commissions?” at the end of your message (but first make sure that question isn’t already answered in a FAQ section on their blog).

Step 3: BE POLITE. 

Anonymous said: (Not-so)Fun fact: I paid for a custom doodle and when I tried getting back in touch with the artist, their page was suspended and all their art had been taken down. Art that wasn't theirs but yours and a few other ppls but with no watermarks. Sucks!

That’s awful! At least they got suspended. The theft/scam thing is very gross. I’ve seen a lot of people try to start database of artists/clients ratings to diminish things like this happening, but nothing that’s stuck so far. Unfortunate. Too many untrustworthy people out there. Sorry this happened to you. I wish you all the hugs and good things. 

Anonymous said: Hello, is it ok if I use them for t-shirt printing it's just for my personal use btw. If not, then it's still ok...I just thought that this one /post/98250051865 deserves notice when I'm out so girls can feel the relief :3

Yeah, go ahead! I think all people could use the reminder that their stretchmarks are lovely. Plus, shirts! shirts are fun! I’m actually going to have some for sale in 2015, but I digress. Anyway, yeah! Thank you for liking my doodle enough to want to wear it. I hope it looks good on a shirt. Show me a picture if you’d like.

Anonymous said: hi amigo do you have anything with nerds/ the word nerd?

This is the only one I could think of.