Anonymous said: Hey Emm! About your rules for requests. Would you consider doing paid commissions, which would break the rules? Like, if I want a birthday greeting for a friend or a portrait, would you be open to do that as a commission? If not, do you have any cool friends you'd recommend who can do it? :)

I don’t do commissions and my requests are now closed, but happymonsters and thelatestkate both do the same kind of drawings I do (+other stuff)  and do commissions. Both of them have their contact information on their tumblr. 

❝ In all my relationships, I am the one who loves most. There are days when it hurts, days when I want to be more important to others than they are to me, days when I want someone to believe in me like I am a miracle, days when I want someone to look at me and see burning galaxies, days when I want to get back everything that I have given, days when I want more, always more, so much more, but there are other days when I thank the universe for my plus sized love, for my open-door heart, for my spilled lake of feelings, for the mixture of softness and war that makes me who I am. On those days, I take all the love inside me and I stretch it out until it extends to every part of my body, until I can feel it flow in my veins and beat in my heart, and I understand that this is strength, that feeling and loving strongly is never a weakness, that caring more only allows others to take advantage of you if you don’t extend that caring to yourself, that there is nothing wrong with being the one who loves most, but you have to love yourself too. ❞

— Emm Roy

Monthly Art Recommendations - September 2014.

Cute comics featuring a sloth

tumblr feed for the amazing journal comic boumeries. Very funny, written in both French and English, and featuring a lot of toilet humor (literally).

The Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl
self-described as “focuses mostly on what it’s like living life as a transgender woman in a cisgender world, but the best thing about cartooning is that it’s a medium with endless possibilities, meaning sometimes I like making comics about cute kittens.” The comic is clever, honest, and filled with a good share of funny and sad bits.  TW: frequent depictions of transphobia.